There is an old saying that goes “compare apples to apples”. In construction and home remodeling more than any other industry most homeowners are comparing apples to pears to lemons to watermelons. Many homeowners feel that getting three bids is a wise and prudent thing to do. The problem with that thinking is that homeowners are getting bids from contractors and some contractors are bidding on apples, some contractors are bidding on pears, and some contractors are bidding on lemons. That is why many times homeowners will see bids all over the board, some that are high, some in the middle, and some that seem too good to be true which is likely because they are bidding on lemons and not the apples that they really want.

That is why having plans is extremely important! You would never attempt to build a home without blueprints so why would you attempt to remodel a kitchen or a bathroom without plans? It makes zero sense and it typically costs homeowners thousands of dollars in change orders. I’ve spoken with homeowners whose construction budgets were doubled or tripled because things were not planned for in advance.

The last thing you will ever want to hear a contractor tell you is “that wasn’t included in my bid” or “that’s going to be a change order” and yet homeowners hear these statements all over the world every single hour of every single day in all sizes of renovations from bathroom remodels to kitchen remodels to additions. The way you remember a conversation and a contractor remembers a conversation are two completely different worlds. If it isn’t in writing, it doesn’t exist!

Use an Architect?

So how do homeowners protect themselves? One way is to hire an architect to create drawings. The architect will come in and take measurements of your space with it’s current configuration and then based on the adjustments that you would like to make, they create a drawing so you can bid it out. This typically costs anywhere between $2,000-$3,000 to do but at least this gives you a baseline to start comparing apples to apples with your bids. This usually does not include a 3D rendering of your space but just floorplans for bidding purposes which contractors will be able to use.

Use a Design|Build firm?

A more cost effective option is to use a Design/Build firm like 1 Builders to create a layout for you and create a preliminary 3D rendering of your space. This will allow you to get a layout of the space, a visual of the space, and help you get better apples to apples bids from contractors. 1 Builders charges $99 for standard 5×8 bathrooms, $249 for larger master bathrooms, and $499 for a kitchen remodel.

Below is an example of a rendering and layout you can expect to get for $499 on a kitchen from 1 Builders. This shows a rendering and the kitchen after it was built by 1 Builders. Note: This rendering and layout that 1 Builders would create will not have all of your selections because this would happen in the design phase (for example if you want a certain type of backsplash, or a certain brand of appliances, or a certain type of light fixtures or plumbing fixtures, this rendering will not show those details but this will give you a representation of the space with the layout).

Get Apples to Apples

We wish you the best of luck on your next home remodeling project and always to remember to get apples to apples! If you are in the Chicagoland area and you would like 1 Builders to look at your project or help you with a preliminary 3D rendering and layout please contact us at 847-305-2593 or fill out your information below. Thank you for reading!