Doug Pennington shares his experience working with 1 Builders to build a brand new construction custom home in Wheaton and a gut rehab project in Chicago.
Video Testimonial Doug P.
Video testimonial from Linda B. regarding three large home remodeling projects that 1 Builders helped her complete after her previous contractor walked off all three jobs. Two jobs included home additions and the other job was a de-conversion of a 2 flat into a single family home.
Video Testimonial Linda B.
Video Testimonial Keith C

Video Testimonial from Amy Mahjoory As Seen on HGTV
Video Testimonial Amy M.

We hired 1 Builders Inc to do a total makeover on our master bathroom. Our home is an older ranch home. I think that during the time the home was built, people valued living space (living room, dining room etc) more than the space (square footage) that is more common in the master suites of today. Juan came to our home and took a look at our bathroom.
He gave us some great design ideas to give our small bathroom a better flow. For example, we had a small linen closet in our bathroom that we really didn’t use since we have a linen closet in our hallway. By eliminating the closet, we were able to get rid of the pedestal sink and put in a double vanity. We gained a lot of storage. All the work that was done in the space is incredible, especially the tile work!!! Juan from 1 Builders and his crew did a phenomenal job with our bathroom remodel. Thanks 1 Builders!!!

Susan C., Schaumburg, IL

I know one of the owners, Juan Inglis, from the church I go to. When I found out that he does home repair and remodeling, I inquired if he would do a few small projects around my home, specifically an overhead range vent and upgrading the lamps in my kitchen.

Even though these projects were small in nature, 1 Builders, Inc. treated them with the same priority and attention to detail as if it were a capital project of significant size and scope. I would tell them what I needed, and address any special considerations right away due to my being in a wheelchair. They never missed a beat in getting the work done and keeping me in the loop if there’s any issues that may come up.

I highly recommend them to do any upgrades to your home, or to perform any routine or essential repairs. Good company, great work ethic, and outstanding final product and service!

Darwin H., Des Plaines, IL
Video Testimonial Haiming J

I’ve had the pleasure of working Joshua Inglis and his team at 1 Builders on a few different home remodeling projects where we reconfigured the layout. They are polished professionals who consistently deliver superior levels of customer service. My favorite part about working with 1 Builders is the design process. They ask all the right questions to create exactly what I’m looking for and a design that is open and flows. They then create drawings and renderings which ensure I’m 100% in love with the design before work even begins! Thank you 1 Builders for your attention to detail and for having your clients best interest at heart! I look forward to doing more projects together in the future and will keep referring business your way!

Amy M., Chicago, As Seen on HGTV