The powder room, bathroom and master bathroom suite are all special places in every home.  

The master bathroom suite can be a place of peace and tranquility after a long and stressful day.  It is a room where heated flooring can welcome your feet on a cold winter morning or cold winter night.  It is a room where you can have the ultimate spa like experience by a taking relaxing bath with scented oils,  flower petals, candles, and your favorite music.  It is a room where you can almost be transported into an Amazonian jungle standing at the bottom of a waterfall as the rainfall shower head pours over your body.  A vertical spa shower system can massage away your aches and pains and give you a feeling of pure ecstasy.  A step into the steam shower before bed helps you sleep better and feel more relaxed.  The feeling of hot steam soaking into your muscles causes tension to simply dissolve away.  

The kids bathroom can also be a place of joy where you give your children and grandchildren bubble baths which bring smiles to their faces as they play with their rubber duckies and toys.  The bathrooms can be tailored to your family’s specific needs and tastes and reconfigured for optimum functionality and elegant design. You might be looking for a trendy and modern bathroom, a timeless and opulent bathroom, a Swedish retreat, or a complexly unique style that you have dreamed about for years, anything is possible.  

There is a wide variety of tiles, plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, wall colors, and wallpaper to choose from.  At 1 Builders, our goal is to turn your dreams into a reality.

The picture on the top of this page features a beautifully remodeled master bathroom suite with floor to ceiling marble tile.  On the right of the photo you will notice an extra wide vanity with plenty of drawers for maximum functionality.  What you can’t see in the photo is another vanity the same size on the other side of the bathroom.  This allows two people to get ready at the same time in the morning with their own oversized vanity.  The oversized shower features frameless glass, a rainfall shower head, and a handheld shower wand.  And the picture immediately above this section shows a master bathroom suite we did with a beautiful natural travertine stone throughout.  The bathroom featured a large Jacuzzi tub which our client really enjoyed with the whirlpool jets to massage away joint pain and achy muscles.  

In the picture that follows, you will find a beautiful bathroom with a beautiful oval free-standing tub and a skylight which really makes the opulent white marble sparkle.  The bathroom features a double bowl vanity and immaculate shower for a spa like experience.  In the second photo you will be sure to notice the custom marble shower.  This bathroom originally had a tub/shower combination and only had a single bowl vanity.  Since the space was limited for the master suite, they opted to do a custom shower, get rid of the tub, and install a double bowl vanity.  Removing the tub is a popular option for many master bathroom suites when space is limited.

In this next picture you will find another master bathroom remodeling project.   The client wanted heated flooring in the master bathroom, hall bath, and basement bathroom which is easy to do when installing new flooring.  The nook, rainfall showerhead, shower wand, and corner bench were small details that our client wanted.  We installed quartz on the corner bench and door sweep for the shower since it is a sturdy material that supports weight and will not chip.

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Testimonial we received after doing a bathroom remodeling project for Keith and his wife Susan