Over the years, the finished basement has gained in popularity as a great place to entertain guests and serve as a recreational area. For several months out of the year in the Chicagoland area, the outside of the home cannot be enjoyed due to weather so finished basements provide space to enjoy.  That is why so many people add home theatre’s in their basements and add pool tables.

Many people also use finished basements as playrooms for the children or an area to work on school projects.  Many people also use basements for summer kitchens or additional living space so many times a bedroom and full bathroom are added.

Before starting a basement finishing or basement remodeling project, there are two major things you need to consider ensuring you will have a finished basement that you will be able to enjoy for years to come.  The two items you always want to take into consideration are sewage waste and rain water.  Both of these items can completely ruin a finished basement very quickly so plan them into your budget.  

To deal with rain water, you will want to install a drain tile and vapor barrier system into your basement before basement remodeling begins.  All the rain water that collects around the foundation of the home will be channeled into a drain tile system which flows into a sump pump pit.  The sump pump then pumps the rain water away from the home.  In the city of Chicago, the rain water is pumped into the sewer per code.  In the suburbs, the water is pumped outside of the home.  It is a good idea to have a battery backup for the sump pump so that if power goes out, a pump continues to operate and move water away from the home.  We even recommend installing a natural gas backup generator as a second line of defense in cases of extended power outages.

To deal with sewage waste, you will want to install an overhead sewer system with a solid waste pump.  An overhead sewer system with a check valve ensures that you do not get sewage backup into your newly remodeled basement.  There is no worse flooding than when you get sewage flooding into a basement, especially when the basement is finished.  This is especially important if you have a bathroom or laundry room located in the basement.

When it comes to planning for a basement finishing or basement remodeling project, you will want to ensure it is done correctly so that it can be enjoyed for many years to come.  At 1 Builders, we want your finished basement to be a perfect combination of good looks, functionality, and peace of mind.   Let us be your partners in creating the finished basement of your dreams.   

The picture on the top of this page features a basement remodeling project we completed with an amazing 6.1 surround sound system.  This basement was finished with hosting and entertaining in mind.  The music and sound system could be controlled by the ipad that you can see right above the wetbar on the right-hand side.  The client also wanted a wetbar and wine fridge so they would not have to go upstairs to get drinks during the game.  And the picture immediately above this section shows a basement that we finished.  One thing you may notice is that we framed in the columns and put chair rail around them to make them more decorative and used two tones of paint.  We also installed large 12×24 inch tiles in a brick pattern which gave the basement a nice look.  This basement was so large that we were able to fit two bedrooms and a full bathroom as well.  

In the picture that follows, you will find a much more economical basement remodeling project that we completed.  Instead of installing can lighting, we installed flush mount lighting.  We did install luxury vinyl tiling (LVT) which is waterproof and a good option when finishing basements.  We ran the LVT throughout the entire basement and even into the back bedroom.  LVT comes in a variety of colors and finishes so the owner opted to match the look of the hardwood flooring on the main level.  In the second photo you will be sure to notice the large wetbar in this basement that was also done economically.  In order to keep costs down for this basement remodeling project, the cabinetry was painted, and new countertops were installed on the existing basement bar.  This dramatically changed the look at a very economical price.

In this next picture below you will find yet another varying style of a basement finishing project that we completed.   Notice the tile pattern on the flooring.  This is called a pinwheel pattern and we made this look using 12×12 inch and 18×18 inch tile. We maintained this pattern throughout the basement even going into the back bedroom.  We installed can lighting throughout and made a custom rounded wetbar that comfortably sits five people with high stools.

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