As a family grows and expands, the family can outgrow a home.  In many cases it doesn’t make sense to move.  This is especially true when a home is located in a highly desirable school district and the children do not want to change schools or the parents do not want to sacrifice a top-notch education for more living space.  This is when additions to a home make a lot of sense.  Home Additions are a great way to expand living space and create more memories in a home.

Additions can be done in a variety of ways. If the home is a ranch or bungalow, a second story or rear addition can be added to the home.  If the home is a tri-level, another level can be added over the main level to create a master suite.  If the home is a traditional two-story home, an addition might be able to go over the garage or behind the home.  Home Additions can be added on top of a home, over a garage, to the side of a home, in front of the home, and on the back of the home.

If designed and fully thought through, an addition can appear and function seamlessly making it look and feel like the home was always built that way. That is always the goal and working with a good build/design firm and architect is crucial to accomplish this task.

So, when it comes to planning for an addition project, there are a lot of things to consider so that it will become living space that can truly be enjoyed for many years to come!  

At 1 Builders, we want an addition to your home to be a perfect combination of good looks and effective functionality.   Let us be your partners in helping you design and build the addition of your dreams.

The picture on the top of this page showcases a new gable being placed onto one of our  home addition projects.  This home was originally a 2-bedroom 1-bathroom single-story bungalow with an attic space.  After the addition, the main level was completely opened for an open concept floor plan with a powder room.  A custom staircase was also built going up to the second level because the original staircase was very narrow since it was originally just attic space.  On the newly built second level, a master suite with a large master bathroom and walk in closet was added.  The second level also featured an additional two bedrooms and bathroom for those two bedrooms.

And the picture immediately above this section showcases another full second story addition to a bungalow that we completed.  What was great about this project was that we added a brick veneer to the front.  This made the home look like brand new construction and that an addition was never even done. If you look at the photo carefully, you will notice a small bungalow next door to our project.  That is what the original home looked like, you can tell the similarities by the way the front door and windows are placed on the home.  That is why when doing an addition, you may want to consider residing the home or adding a brick veneer, it makes a seamless and beautiful look.

In the picture that follows, you will find a rear, second story, and basement addition.  This was a beautiful two-story Greystone property but it had a very small footprint.  We extended the back of the home so that a larger kitchen could be added as well as 3 bedrooms and 2 baths upstairs with a master suite containing it’s own bathroom and walk in closet.  The basement was also extended out further for a more functional basement so it could have a large open space along with another bedroom and bathroom.  The owner also wanted a door from the basement so it could be a walkout.

In the second photo is a second story and rear addition that we completed.  This home did originally have a second story but it was not the full length of the home.  It was just big enough for one bedroom upstairs.  After the second story and rear addition, three full bedrooms were added upstairs including the master suite.  The crown molding on the windows and door gives a nice little touch for the front of the home.  Also since we did a rear addition, an office was able to be added to the home and still give a large open concept to the home.  

In this next picture you will find yet another second story addition that was added to a bungalow.   This addition was done more economically since the top level did not have the same brick as the main level and is apparent that a second story was done.  For the front of the home, a hardy board siding was used, and for the sides of the home a vinyl siding was used.  This home featured a huge open floor plan on the main level and a large upstairs with 4 bedrooms and 2 full baths.

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